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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Patience Block

I finally finished my block for the group quilt we are making for a friend whose daughter is ill.  The block is called patience and although it looks straightforward enough, it did call on my patience to finish it.  After several false starts, cutting errors, sewing errors, the block is done.  I am not totally happy with it but given all of the troubles, I am just glad to have it completed.

It's interesting that I originally chose this block because of  it's name in hopes that it would provide patience to both my friend and her daughter on their journey.  When things didn't go as planned during the making of this block, it also reminded me that I need patience.

I'm running a little behind on my original schedule but I can cross off another UFO and move on to the five remaining quilts of valor blocks.  Hope to have them done this week.  (that is, if life or pumpkin pie doesn't get in the way.)