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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally...Raffle Quilt

With a sincere apology to my niece, the urban cyclist, I am finally ready to unveil the pattern and fabric for this year's raffle quilt to benefit the Leukemia Lymphona Society.  My niece will be riding her bicycle in a 100 mile century ride this summer and is looking for donations.  Check out her blog for more details on how you can win this quilt and you will also be able to follow the progress of the team in training as they prepare for the great ride.  She is much better at keeping her blog up to date than I am.

So, with no further ado...A Drum Roll Please

This year's quilt will be the Stir Crazy Quilt from Brenda Henning's pattern in "Strip Therapy 2".  Yes, quilters do enjoy stripping.

The fabrics will be different.  Here's a shot of them.  (For those of you with OCD, I already know that I could have done a better job arranging the fabrics.  At this point, I thought it best just to get the photo and post it.)  You should know that I am a better quilter than photographer or fabric arranger.

Feast your eyes on this and please check back occasionally for updates on the quilt's progress.
I will also advise the Urban Cyclist to post the link in her blog.  Got that MEL?