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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lil' Twister Quilt Top

I am so excited to be making this entry.  It's the first project that I have completed since starting my blog.  I will also be announcing the "opening" of my blog today.  Folks have been asking me about it and when it will be available.  Hard to believe people want to see what I have to offer.
May I have a drum roll please?  Here's is my top!

This is my first time using the Lil' Twister ruler.  It really is a neat gadget.  If  you can sew a simple four and nine patch block, you can make this quilt.  How you ask?  (I hope.)  Well, let me walk you through it.  This quilt was made with 5" charm squares (with thanks to Patty, Betsy and Jill who gave me a Moda pack. They purchased it at the Paducah Show for me as a consolation gift because I was unable to go with them.)  With this pattern, the charms are sewn together in sets of four with a border around them.  Like this.

Then, using the lil' twister ruler, it is cut into 9 units.  It's hard to see in the picture but the ruler has intersecting lines that a are lined up with the seams in the block.


Rotate the newly formed blocks counter clockwise about 1/4  turn and you have a 9-patch.

Sew them together and and square it up.  You have your first block.


 For this pattern, 9 blocks are needed.  Add borders and the top is finished.  A total of  36 charms are used.  Not much of  a dent in the stash but a good way to experiment with the new toy and also have a small top to take to long arm quilting class.  I also have a large Twister ruler.  It uses 10 inch squares instead of the 5" charms.  I'll be making something with it soon.  It will be a larger project so  more fabric is used.

Areas of concern.  I think the effect would be better if there was more contrast among the fabric colors.  Also, there are a lot of  bias edges that need to be handled carefully.  Not so much of a problem with this size but may present more of  a concern with the larger blocks.

Tomorrow I am off to the long arm quilting class.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Thanks for visiting.  Please come back soon.

I almost forgot.  Please visit my friend Lynn's blog to see some really great quilts.   Here is a photo of  Lynn with her tribute to 9/11.  Notice what she is using for a torch.


  1. ARA, I love love LOVE your blog -- it's so you! I hope to be likewise inspired and finish up my quilts and projects in the next month or so... what else is Thanksgiving break good for?!

  2. I love this tutorial. I have the twister tools and haven't used them yet, but this makes me want to get busy NOW!!! I'll be keeping in touch with your blog for more ideas!! Thanks..

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial. How big did your finish quilt turn out to be?

  4. Hi Debbie, Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. The final size is 48 inches square. I have since made a full size quilt using the regular twister ruler and hope to get a picture of that one up soon.

  5. What is the size for the boarders before cutting with the template

  6. Thank you for sharing the Twister tutorial. I have the lil' twister, but have only used it once It's great to see a different way to use it.

  7. OHHHH this is wonderful! I have had the twister tool (large and small) for over a year), you have inspired me to get moving. I love your tutorial! Thank you.

  8. I would also like to know the size of the border you put around the five inch blocks before you cut them with the twister tool??

  9. She probably used 3" strips for the outsides like the instructions tell you to use. Not being "snarky" so if it seems like it ..I'm sorry

  10. Borders for twisters - the l0" calls for a 6" border and the 5" calls for a 3" border - haven't seen it done any other way, but perhaps there is.

  11. I am going to have to try this, I bought the book and the ruler at a retreat last year but have not gotten around to doing it. You make it look so easy.


  12. Love your Li'l Twister quilt, Rose Ann! I've just started following your blog and hope you will join mine. I've made a Christmas Wreath Quilt using this little template and am in the process of making a twisted heart quilt. Will keep your pattern in mind for my next quilt.
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